SOP28 SSOP28 TSSOP28 to DIP28 Adapter Converter PCB Board

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This adapter can mount 28-pin SMD IC packages including SOIC-28, SOP-28 or SSOP-28 and convert them to a DIP-28 footprint.

  • Model: SOP28 SSOP28 TSSOP28 Adapter Board (Lead pitch 0.65mm / 1.27mm)
  • Size: 20.3 * 35.5 mm
  • Suitable for commonly used package: SOP SSOP TSSOP;(Commonly used in 4pin, 8p, 16p, 24p, 28p, etc.)
  • Applicable to commonly used SCM: STC89C series, ATmega series, MSP430 series;
  • Through 2.54 single-row pin can be directly inserted into the board with breadboards and other experiments board

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