BGA48 Adapter for XGecu T56 Programmer

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  • BGA48 BGA48(6×8)-0.8mm XG-BGA48-0.8 adapter IC socket
  • Only can work on XGecu T56 Programmer
  • Applicable IC Size: 6*8MM, 6.15*8.15MM
  • Support BGA48 package chips
  • The “BGA48(6×8)-0.8mm XG-BGA48-0.8 adapter for XGecu T56 Programmer” seems to be an adapter designed for use with the XGecu T56 Programmer. It likely facilitates the programming or testing of BGA48 (Ball Grid Array 48) integrated circuits. The specifications “BGA48(6×8)-0.8mm” likely refer to the size and layout of the BGA package, with 6×8 indicating the arrangement of balls and 0.8mm referring to the pitch (distance between the centers of adjacent balls).

    This adapter is probably used to interface between the BGA48 package and the programming socket on the XGecu T56 Programmer, allowing for easy connection and programming of the BGA48 ICs. It’s a common accessory in the field of electronics for programming and testing integrated circuits with BGA packaging.

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