PLCC44-DIP40 IC Adapter

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A PLCC44 adapter is a specific type of adapter used for programming integrated circuits (ICs) with PLCC44 packages. PLCC stands for “Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier,” and the number 44 refers to the number of pins or leads on the chip.

The TL866II Plus, TL866A, TL866CS, and TOP2013 are all universal programmers commonly used for programming various types of ICs, including microcontrollers, EEPROMs, flash memory, and more. However, these programmers may not directly support PLCC44 packages without the use of an adapter.

The PLCC44 adapter serves as an interface between the PLCC44 chip and the ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket on the programmer. It allows you to securely connect the PLCC44 chip to the programmer for programming purposes.

When using the adapter, you typically place the PLCC44 chip into the adapter, and then insert the adapter into the ZIF socket on the programmer. This allows the programmer to communicate with the chip and program it as needed.

Overall, the PLCC44 adapter expands the compatibility of the TL866II Plus, TL866A, TL866CS, or TOP2013 programmers, enabling them to support PLCC44 packages for programming and testing purposes.

PLCC44  will work on all programmers

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