TQFP32-DIP32 Adapter support ATMEGA8 Series

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Description: Experience top-notch quality with this QFP32 to 32Dip Adapter, meticulously crafted for QFP32 IC integration. It features a patch size of 0.8mm by 7mm by 7mm.


  1. Designed to support Atmel Atmega TQFP32 devices, including mega328, mega8A, mega48, mega8, mega88, mega16, mega162, and mega168.
  2. Equipped with an AVRISP header for direct connection to AVRISP, USBASP, MkII, facilitating seamless firmware burning or Arduino bootloader installation.
  3. Incorporates a crystal header for effortless crystal replacement.
  4. Converts to DIP32 Atmega328 format, ensuring pin-to-pin compatibility with Atmega DIP32 MCU format.

Package Included: 1x Programmer Adapter QFP32 to DIP32

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