TSOP32 40 48 TSOP48 5 Adapters Sets NOR Socket for TL866CS TL866A TL866II

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It seems like you’re listing different types of TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package) adapters and base boards. TSOP packages are commonly used for surface mount ICs (integrated circuits). TSOP adapters and base boards are used for programming or testing ICs in these packages.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ve listed:

  1. TSOP32/40/48 Base Adapter: This adapter likely supports TSOP packages with 32, 40, and 48 pins. It might have a universal socket or switches/jumpers to accommodate different pin configurations.
  2. TSOP48 Base Adapter: This adapter specifically supports TSOP packages with 48 pins. It might have a dedicated socket for TSOP48 packages.
  3. TSOP32 Base Board: This is a base board designed to accommodate TSOP32 packages. It provides a platform for mounting and connecting TSOP32 ICs, possibly for programming or testing purposes.
  4. TSOP40A Base Board: Similarly, this is a base board designed for TSOP40A packages. TSOP40A likely refers to a specific variant of the TSOP40 package.
  5. TSOP40B Base Board: This is another base board, likely designed for TSOP40B packages, which may differ slightly from TSOP40A packages in terms of pinout or other specifications.

These adapters and base boards are likely used in electronic design, testing, or programming environments where TSOP-packaged ICs are prevalent. They provide a convenient way to interface with and work with these ICs.

Packing List:-

1PCS X TSOP32/40/48 base Adapter

1PCS X TSOP48 base Adapter

1PCS X TSOP32 base board

1PCS X TSOP40A base board

1PCS X TSOP40B base board

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