QFP64-0.5-REV2 Type-U Adapter

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QFP64/LQFP64/TQFP64-0.5 (compatible with XWDZ-QFP64-0.5/FPQ-64-0.5-06)
Product use:
Programming block and test stand, burning and testing the IC chip of QFP64.
Suitable for packaging:
QFP64 LQFP64 TQFP64 CQFP64 pin Pitch 0.5mm
The bottom pin is fully led out by the chip, which is convenient for the two development.
Overall size of the seat:
Long 57mm, wide 50mm

Common: STM32 QFP64 encapsulation
STM32L1xxR series (e.g. STM32L151R8, STM32L152RB)
STM32F0xxR series (e.g. STM32F051RC, STM32F051RB)
STM32F1xxR series (e.g. STM32F103RC, STM32F100RB)
STM32F2xxR series (e.g. STM32F207RC, STM32F215RB)
STM32F3xxR series (e.g. STM32F303R8, STM32F373RB)
STM32F4xxR series (e.g. STM32F407RC, STM32F415RB)

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