FFC lINE 20CM 32pin with FPC Base Under 32pin

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Packing Include:
1. FFC Line 200MM 0.5mm-32P 1pcs
2. FFC Line 200MM 1.0mm-32P 1pcs
3. FPC Base Under 0.5mm-32P 1pcs
4. FPC Base Under 1.0mm-32P 1pcs

It sounds like you’re describing a flexible flat cable (FFC) with a length of 20cm and 32 pins, along with a FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) base underneath the 32 pins. FFCs are commonly used for connecting various electronic components or modules where flexibility and space-saving are crucial.

The “32-pin” specification indicates the number of conductive traces within the cable, which typically correspond to the number of signals or connections it can carry. The FPC base underneath the 32 pins suggests that the cable might be designed to be connected or mounted onto a specific FPC connector or socket.

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