IC Sockets Adapter Bases for TL866II TL866CS TL866A T48 T56 Programmer

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It looks like you have a variety of adapters and tools commonly used in electronic engineering or repair work. Here’s a breakdown of each item:

  1. 150mil SOP8–DIP8 Adapter: This adapter allows you to convert a SOP8 (Small Outline Package) component to a DIP8 (Dual In-line Package) format, likely for compatibility with different circuit boards or testing equipment.
  2. 200mil-208mil SOP8–DIP8 Adapter: Similar to the first adapter, but designed for SOP8 components with a different pin pitch.
  3. SOP16-DIP16 Adapter: Another adapter, likely for converting SOP16 components to DIP16 format.
  4. PLCC44–DIP40 Adapter: This adapter is for converting PLCC44 (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) components to DIP40 format.
  5. PLCC32–DIP32 Adapter: Similar to the previous adapter but for PLCC32 components.
  6. PLCC28–DIP24 Adapter: Again, similar to the previous adapters but for PLCC28 components converted to DIP24 format.
  7. PLCC20–DIP20 Adapter: This adapter converts PLCC20 components to DIP20 format.
  8. 8pin DIP SMD Adapter: This adapter seems to convert 8-pin DIP (Dual In-line Package) components to Surface Mount Device (SMD) format, allowing for compatibility with SMD-based circuitry.
  9. PLCC IC Extractor: This is a tool used for safely removing PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) integrated circuits from their sockets or PCBs without damaging them.
  10. SOP 8/SOIC Clip: This clip is likely used for programming or testing SOP8 (Small Outline Package) or SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) components without soldering them onto a PCB.

These tools and adapters can be very useful for working with a variety of electronic components and circuit configurations.

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