BGA169 & BGA153 EMMC Adapter for RT809H Programmer

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The eMMC Adapter with BGA169 and BGA153 sockets is specifically designed for use with the RT809H Programmer.

  • BGA169 and BGA153 refer to different package types commonly found in eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) memory chips. These chips are widely used in various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.
  • The RT809H Programmer is a device used for reading, writing, and programming various types of memory chips, including eMMC chips. The eMMC Adapter with BGA169 and BGA153 sockets expands the compatibility of the RT809H Programmer to support chips with these specific package types.

By using this adapter with the RT809H Programmer, technicians and engineers can perform tasks such as repairing, programming, and testing eMMC chips more efficiently and effectively.

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