XDS100-V3 DSP Emulator DSP/ARM Core Support TI DSP CCS5-CCS10

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Product Description:
XDS100v3 Emulator is the third version of XDS100 JTAG emulation technology, supporting a variety of TI’s chip debugging. Support USB2.0 high-speed interface, theoretical speed of 480M / s, through the 14P/20P interface for emulation debugging, support Code Composer Studio (CCSV5/V6/V7/V8/V9/V10 and higher versions. Can be used for WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10 and other operating systems.
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– USB2Q high speed interface, up to 480Mbit/s
– USB side self-recovery insurance protection, to protect your computer
– JTAG side static chip protection, anti-static ±15KV, stable and reliable
– Support power failure detection
– Support adaptive clock
– Support JTAG reset, wait and reset start mode
– Support power-on reset startup mode
– Support a variety of FTDU device driver
– Support adjustable TCLK clock
– Support 1.8V~5V JTAG voltage standard
– Support TI standard 14PIN JTAG interface
– Support TI standard 20PIN JTAG interface
– Support 2-wire cJTAG interface, simplify the connection with the target board
– Driver-free, automatic recognition when plugged into the emulator
– Support high-speed USB code download
– Support FLASH online emulation of DSP
– Faster emulation and download speed
– Support CCS V5.2 or above, new version CCSV10 are supported
– Support IAR for ARM V6.4 or above
– Support Flash Programmer 2 burn-in software
– Support uniflash standalone burning software.
– Support SmartRF Studio configuration software.
– Support TMS320c28xx, TMS320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C674x, TMS320C64X+.
TMS320C64X+, TMS320C66x, ARM9, ARM Cortex
M0/M3/M4/A8/A9/A15/R4/R5. TMS470LSxx. TMS570LSxx, Davinci.
Zigbee (32bit) CC26xx series (such as
CC2652/CC2650/CC2642/CC2640/CC2630/CC2620, etc.
CC1310/CC1350, etc.), CC2538, etc.
. Support WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win 10/Linux etc.

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