T56 Programmer With 53 Adapter

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Programmer Overview
1.1 Performance Introduction
Carefully built low-cost professional programmer, high-density chip production process, a unified user interface, easy to use, functional integrity, application software, reliable
operation, code small, faster execution. supported operating system:WINXP WIN2003 WIN2008 VISTA WIN7 WIN8 WIN10 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
? The programming speed is greatly improved. It is suitable for small batch production and supports 4 programmers for one computer.
? A wide range of chip support, the initial version supports the chip 15000+, supports a variety of 24 25 26 27 28 29 37 39 49 50 series of serial and parallel memory chips, microcontroller 51 series, ATMEL AVR ATMEGA AT90 series, MICROCHIP PIC10 PIC12 PIC16 PIC18 series microcontroller , GAL programmable logic device programming, SRAM test, 54/74 and CMOS4000 integrated circuit integrated functional test.
Support NAND Flash chip, the function is complete and comprehensive, the capacity supports to 8Gbits.
25 series Nor Flash capacity support to 512Mbits.
? Pin contact check function, poor contact pin can pinpoint
? Ultra-low power consumption: the entire programmer uses ultra-low-power chips, using USB interface, the first truly all chip programming
without external power integrated programmer. Portable performance super: the world’s smallest volume, size 10CM * 6CM * 2.5CM, only the size of the driver’s license.
? Programmable VCC from 1.8V to 6.5V, VPP from 1.8V to 18V chip
? Chip serial number secondary development functions: Programmer built a variety of commonly used automatic numbering function. And can use a custom algorithm to achieve any sequence number through DLL dynamic library. This feature allows you to produce
a unique identification info rmation for each chip in mass production. The logo can also be encrypted with a custom algorithm to more effectively protect your product’s rights.
? Universal serial programming interface ICSP (to support both high-voltage parallel programming and low-volt age serial programming). Note: ICSP now supports 24-Series 25 Series 93 Series Serial Integrated Circuits, ATMEL89S51,52, AVR ATMEGAxxx Full
Series, and MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12Fxxx 16Fxxx 18Fxxx Full Series, and the new series of SYNCMOS SM59Dxx SM59Rxx fu ll range chips for in-circuit serial programming.
? Powerful 54 / 74F / LS / HC CMOS4000 Series Integrated Functionality Tests: The First Development Programmer to Test Common Logic ICs True, Test Errors Locating Logic Gate Circuits, Test Arbitrary Possible input combinations.
1.2 Programmer chip support range
? Variety of 26 27 28 29 37 39 49 50 series of parallel ROM, EPROM, EEPROM Fast, full support. Support TSOP32 TSOP40 TSOP48 chips to 64MBits, will join the TSOP56 pin support.
(TL866II programming voltage VPP only supports up to 18V, for early 27C series ROM, the chip with 21V 25V VPP voltage no longer supports writing, but can be read. If it is used,
the VPP with the same type of programming voltage can be used as 13V or 12V chip replacement, for example: 27C32 21V or 13V Vpp chip,Pay attention to the VPP voltage)
? 24 25 35 45 85 93 95 Series Serial EEPROM Serial Series Chip Support Full, Supports Chip Capacity 25 Series 8 or 16PIN to 512MBits (64M Bytes)
? NAND FLASH chip supports up to 8Gbits
? MCU series, hundreds of models of 51 series of microcomputer
? AVR microcontroller package scratch ATMEGA series ATtiny series AT90XXX series of microcontrollers, all AVR ATMEGAxxx chip also supports the ICSP interface for SPI serial download programming. Support AVR one-to-one soft-key with RC correction byte.
? MICROCHIP PIC10 PIC12 PIC16 PIC18 Series Microcontroller:PIC series of more than 300 models, more than 900 package chip support, currently supports one of the most complete PIC chip integrated programmer. For vario
us types of PIC monolithic, in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s manual requirements, the optimal programming, programming speed is excellent. The vast majority of chips support both ISCP online programming and programming through programming sockets.
? GAL programmable logic device programming
? SRAM test
Support for common 24 61 62 DS12 series SRAM test, respectively, to data line testing, address line testing, memory unit incremental testing and unit testing.
? Super performance 54 / 74F / LS / HC CMO S4000 series integrated circuit integrated
Function test:
The first development-type programmer to really test common logic ICs to test for errors that can be located to logic gates, and to test any possible combinations of inputs in an integrated circuit when testing.
Packing List:
1 * XGecu T56 universal programmer.
1 * BGA48 Adapter(LFBGA48, 8*6mm, spacing 0.8mm)
1 * BGA63 Adapter(11*9mm)
1 * XG-ADP-BGA64A-1.0 Adapter(11*13mm,10*13mm,10*15mm)
1 * BGA169 Adapter(11.5*13mm,11*10mm,12*16mm,14*18mm)
1 * TSOP56/48/40/32 Adapter
1 * ADP-SSO-056-0.8 Adapter
1 * TQFP44-DIP44 Adapter
1 * TQFP32 QFP32/ LQFP32-DIP28 Adapter
1 * TSOP48 Adapter
1 * SOP44-DIP44 1.27mm (530mil) Adapter
1 * SOP28-DIP28 (300mil) Adapter
1 * SOP20-DIP20 (300mil) Adapter
1 * SOP16-DIP16 (300mil) Adapter
1 * Double SOP8-DIP16 CNV-SOP20 (208mil) Adapter
1 * SOP8-DIP8 CNV-SOP20 (208mil) Adapter
1 * SOP20-DIP20 CNV-SOP20 (208mil) Adapter
1 * SOP8-DIP8 CNV-SOP-DIP16 (150mil) Adapter
1 * SOP16-DIP16 CNV-SOP-DIP16 (150mil) Adapter
1 * PLCC44-DIP44
1 * PLCC44-DIP40
1 * PLCC32-DIP32
1 * PLCC28-DIP28
1 * PLCC28-DIP24
1 * PLCC20-DIP20
1 * SSOP28 to DIP28
1 * TSSOP8 to DIP8
1 * KB9012 board
1 * SOP8 IC Clip
1 * ITE 29/39/49/50 series 32/40/48 feet adapter
1 * Multipurpose ISP-DuPont-Header Adapter
1 * EC NPEC288 NPEC388 PCB Board
1 * TSOP28Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP28Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP20Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP20Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP16Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP16Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP14Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP14Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP10Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP10Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP8Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP8Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * QFN8-DIP8 Programador Adapter WSON8-DIP8 8x6mm 6x5mm
1 * SOP8/MSOP8/SSOP8/SOP16-DIP16 simple Adapter
1 * Adapter SOP8-DIP8 simples
1 * 1.8V Conversion Block 25 series low voltage chip adapter
1 * ICSP Cable
1 * LCD LED screen EDID Cable
1 * IC Chip Extractor
1 * Suction Pen
1 * USB Cable
1 * Anti-Static Wristband Wrist Strap Band ESD Discharge PC Electricity Grounding

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