Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer and Repair NLBA1

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Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer (NLBA) is a hardware and software product developed by NLBA1 team which can be used to diagnose, charge and discharge almost all laptop batteries on the market. The device is capable of reading battery information even the battery is not detected by the laptop, it is faulty or it is over discharged. It is also capable of reading each cell voltage for these kind of non working batteries. It has another great feature to revive over discharged batteries manually or automatically by pressing one button. By discharging the battery with a constant current it can be easily analyze which cells are unbalanced or have a higher internal resistance helping in replacing them to avoid a complete battery failure. NLBA can also be used to measure the real capacity of a laptop battery.

Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer major features are the following:
– reading inner battery information stored inside the battery controller
– reading inner battery information even the battery is over discharged (not detected by laptop, faulty, not powered microcontroller, etc)
– capable to generate variable voltage pulses to revive the battery if it is over discharged
– track each cell voltage by applying a constant discharging current, so unbalanced cells or cells with a higher internal resistance can be easily detected
– calculating battery Health
– charging battery with a lot of custom parameters
– discharging battery with a lot of custom parameters
– displaying correct cell voltage
– calibrating / auto cycle with many options
– checking each cell separately and displaying which are GOOD, POOR or BAD
– calculating the internal cell resistance based on a special algorithm
– measuring the real capacity of the battery by discharging it from Fully Charged to Fully Discharged
– the hardware device can charge the battery with a maximum current of 3A and discharge the battery with maximum current of -3A
– it has built in reverse polarity protection (if battery cable is connected incorrectly)
– it has built in short circuit protection on the output connector
– it has hardware protection against connecting data lines (SMCLK and SMDAT) to battery V Bat
– it has current limit and over temperature protection

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