NXP SPC5 MPC/SPC56xx_55xx Freescale Programmer

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Note: the chip of spc5xxx is the specific model of mpc5xxx Series MCU
That is, spc5xxx = mpc5xxx, s also indicates that it is an automotive chip!
Support NXP Freescale MCU chip: mpc/spc55xx, 56xx and other models: (also support ST company spc56xx)
MPC5514E/G, MPC5515S, MPC5516E/G/S, MPC5517E/G/S, MPC5533,MPC5534, MPC555x, MPC556x……
MPC5601D/P, MPC5602B/C/P, MPC5603B/C/P, MPC5604B/C, MPC5605B,MPC5606B/S, MPC5607B,
MPC5632M, MPC5633M, MPC5634M, MPC5643L,MPC5645S, MPC5646C, MPC5644A/B/C, MPC5645B/C/S,
MPC5646B/C, MPC5668E/G, MPC5645S, MPC5668G, MPC5674F, MPC5675K……
ST company spc56xx MCUs:
SPC563M64xx?SPC564A80xx?SPC564Bxx,SPC560Bxx,SPC560Pxx…… And other series models

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