TL611-Pro Diagnosis Card Desktop PCI Mainboard PCI-e Notebook Debugging Card Apple PC LPC Debug

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TL611 PRO diagnostic card desktop PCI motherboard E notebook debug card DEBUG

TL611 PRO fast super diagnostic card inherits the design of TL460S PLUS family, export quality, can buy it is also earning. Equipped with Altera’s MAX series high-speed chips and Taiwan ITE’s PCIE bridge chip + neural recognition system. Various brand new definitions have been updated, supporting up to 31 definitions or more. After the evaluation of various boards in the market, the code is undoubtedly accurate, too advanced and too core! ! !


01, LPC1 shared high-speed channel = connect to the motherboard 2.0 small pin header + notebook MINIPCIE.
02, PCI high-speed channel = support all PCI slots.
03, LPC2 shared high-speed channel = 2.54 large pin headers connected to the motherboard + Supermicro SPl.
04, PCIEX1 high-speed channel = can test Gigabyte without PCI motherboard.
05, LPC3 shared high-speed channel = connect notebook MINIPCIE, A-DEBUG conversion card, ASUS DEBUG-CON, EC-DEBUG.
06, 3VSB power indicator, check whether the power is normal.
07, MOBO motherboard indicator light, check whether the motherboard is normal.
08, CPU indicator, check whether the CPU module is normal.
09, DRAM memory indicator, check whether the memory module is normal.
10. VGA graphics indicator light, check whether the graphics module is normal.
11. PCH south bridge indicator light, check whether the south bridge module is normal.
12. Tie a golden rope or bring a keychain.
13, DP decimal point, CLK signal display.

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