MG996R Servo Motor Metal Gear

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Upgraded version from MG995, control angle upgraded from 180° to 360°, have corresponding increase in speed, tension and accuracy.
Compatible with most standard receiver connector: Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS, etc.
360-degree servo is equivalent to a stepless variable speed motor, which can control the speed and direction.Stable and shock proof, metal gear
The control method is the same as the control signal of general servo. Suitable power source for the modification of Wali.
Mainly used for 1:10 and 1: 8 flat sports cars, off-road vehicles, trucks, big cars, climbing cars, biped robots, manipulators, remote control boats, suitable for 50-90 class methanol fixed-wing aircraft and 26cc-50cc gasoline fixed-wing aircraft and other models.

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