QFN8 to DIP8(22pin) CNV-QFN8-DIP Programmer Adapter Sockets DFN8 MLF8 3×3

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QFN8 turn to DIP8(22pin) test seat Adapter Sockets
Pin spacing 0.65mm
The applicable chip size is 3*3mm

It sounds like you’re describing a type of adapter socket that converts a QFN8 (Quad Flat No-leads) package to a DIP8 (Dual In-line Package) configuration, with 22 pins. These adapters are commonly used in electronics for programming or testing integrated circuits (ICs) or other components with different package types.

The adapter socket typically has a QFN8 footprint on one side, allowing the QFN8 chip to be soldered or inserted into it, and a DIP8 footprint on the other side, which fits into a standard DIP8 socket or PCB footprint.

These adapters are useful when you need to interface a component in one package type (QFN8 in this case) with a system or programming tool that only supports a different package type (DIP8). They provide a convenient solution for compatibility issues in hardware design or testing scenarios.

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