IC Chip Extractor Rework Station Clip Tool

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It seems like you’re providing instructions for the bake-out process for BGA (Ball Grid Array) chips, which are sensitive to moisture. Here’s a breakdown of the process and the temperature specifications for both leaded (Pb) and lead-free (No Pb) BGA chips:

Bake-out Process:

  1. Prepare the BGA Chip: Lay the BGA chip inside its bag on a tray.
  2. Place in Dry Cabinet: Put the tray with the BGA chip into a baking dry cabinet.
  3. Set Temperature and Time:
    • For Lead-free/No Pb BGA chips: Bake at 125℃±5℃ for 24 hours, or at 80℃±5℃ for 48 hours.
    • For Leaded/Pb BGA chips: Bake at 180℃-205℃ (Maximum) for the specified time.

Temperature Differences:

  • Lead-free/No Pb BGA Chips: These chips can withstand higher temperatures, with a maximum range of 245℃-260℃.
  • Leaded/Pb BGA Chips: These chips have a lower maximum temperature range of 180℃-205℃.

By following these instructions, you can ensure that the BGA chips are adequately baked out to remove any moisture, with attention to the specific temperature requirements based on the type of BGA chip being used.

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