Return & Cancellation Policy

Warranty and Returns

We are not responsible for wrong installation, rough handling, wrong polarity input voltage or current, Electrostatic discharge, Electrical overstress, overloading while handling the products like motor, batteries, cells, control boards, motor drivers, robots, and all types of circuits in all above cases warranty is not provided.
Sometimes happen product working properly but customer or operator not able to proper use of particular product in this case product is failed to give output correctly for that we are not responsible.
In case of component missing, wrong assembling warranty is provided but generally not happened.If in case damage occurred while shipping of any product then we provides warranty; for that customers must have to contacts us within 5 days after date of delivery.

Return Policy

For Delivery It takes about 10-12 working/Business days for the in stock orders to be delivered and depends upon your location and product size/availability.

Out Of Stock Items

If an item is not in stock when the order is placed, processing will not begin until the product is available again. If you order multiple items, the order will be split shipped and items in stock will be sent first; the rest of the items will be shipped as and when they are available again.

Note – Additional Shipping Fee applies for split shipments of the same order.