Superpro IS01 Programmer

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Until now,Support 219 IC manufacturer, 10431 pcs devices and keeps growing.
1)High speed thanks to the flexible hardware engine. Programming speed adjustable for complicated application environments brought by user target board, length of ISP cable etc.
2)Stand-alone and PC-Hosted (USB2.0 High Speed) dual mode;
3)Supports ISP programming of devices with I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232 and any other serial port.
4)ATE interface;
5)Over-current and ESD protection to protect your equipment;
6)DLL and API for easy integration into customers’ system.
Hardware Specifications:
1) ISP cable integrates I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232 interfaces。
2) VDD (0-5.5V /0.5A) and Vpp (0-15V / 0.2A) lines provided to power the target board and the target devices.
3) Cable driver circuit supports target devices of voltage level 1.5-5V and is ESD protected.
4) USB 2.0 (high speed) interface for PC hosted mode and management of project files on SD card.
5) A 20 Characters x 4 lines LCD and a 6-key keypad are built with it for stand-alone operation. In stand-alone mode project files are stored on the SD card (up to 16GB). The number of the project files is limited only by the capacity of the SD card.
6) ATE interface is built for easy external hardware control. 6 lines SEL0-SEL5 are for project selection (maximum 64 files); 2 command lines START and STOP; 3 STATUS lines PASS, FAIL and BUSY. All signals are optical-isolated.
7) A universal AC adaptor of DC12V/2A is included for power supply.
8)WINDOWS XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 32/64bit compatibility.
Software Specifications:
1) Supports almost all devices with ISP interface.
2) Supports Jam and Staple files from ACTEL and ALTERA; Direct C files from ACTEL.
3) Programming speed selectable (High, Normal and Low) for complicated applications such as different cable lengths, different target load characters.
4) Dynamic buffer function. Application examples include device S/N, MAC address, frequency or transducer calibration etc.
5) File format on SD: FAT16, FAT32.
6) Functions for IP protection: Project security, SD security, batch control, administration management etc.
7) API and DLL provided for easy integration into customers’ system like ICT and ATE.
8) Software provides the features for multiple units to work concurrently controlled by USB HUB.
1)R&D application like in-circuit test and debug.
2)Volume production. Devices may be programmed after the board is fully assembled. One example is the serial number writing to an on-board serial device.
3)Field application. Comes with portability, stand-alone mode and mobile data storage media (SD card), it is suitable for field test, debug and data acquisition.
4)Third application modules. Friend s/w interface (DLL and Virtual Com communication command set) and h/w interface ( ATE and USB) are provided and make it very easy for customers to integrate ISP01 as a functional module into their systems. One example is the ICT equipment. With this integration user can finish in-circuit test and in-circuit programming in one step.

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