TNM7000E ECU KIT CAR Programmer

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TNM7000E  5-in-1  CAR Programmer
Universal programmer: Supporting 25000 Devices (Flash NOR/NAND/SPI , EEPROM , MCUs , CPLD and EMMC).
ECU-KIT Software: ECU , Immobilizer, Dashboard programming  through JTAG /ISP/BDM /GPT.  OBD Cable Downloading.
ECU Remap software: ECU tuning + checksum calculation.
CAN Analyzer software: for diagnosing CAR CAN-BUS problems and reverse engineering.
80 Msps /20 MHz -1 channel Digital Oscilloscope: Optional Accessory board + 8 Channel 200 Msps Logic Analyzer.
with Free ECU-KIT car programming Software
Free software upgrade. Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 (32,64 bits) Support.
Programmer Software:
25000 Supported Devices  Flash Memory (Parallel / Nand /Serial) , EPROM , EEPROM , Serial EEPROM , Microcontroller , NVRAM , FRAM , CPLD , PLD). 48-Pins ZIF Socket with Pin Continuity tester & 10-Pins ISP/JTAG Connector.
USB 2.0 High Speed ,Read EMMC /Nand Flashes with 12Mbyte/Sec , Reading Serial Flash memory with 8 Mbit/Sec.
Auto detection of all flash Memories/Microcontrollers with Device ID.
Multiple Programming is possible by attaching 2 or more Programmers to one PC.
Low cost adaptors , works with many different adaptors from other programmers.

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