STX-RLINK STM8 ST7 STM32STR7 & STR9 In-circuit Debugger Programmer Supporting JTAG and ICC Protocols

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It seems like you’ve provided a detailed description of the STX RLINK, an integrated development tool for various ST series MCUs. Here’s a summary:

Adaptability: STX RLINK is designed for ST series MCUs, including STM8, ST7, STM32, STR7, and STR9 families of devices. It offers online simulation and supports various software tools.

Supported Software: It directly supports Ride7 Raisonance and RFlasher7. It is also compatible with official ST IDE (STVD), Visual Development, and Visual Recording software (ST STVP).

Compatible Devices and Interfaces:

Supports SWIM interface for STM8 MCUs.
Supports ICC interface for all ST7 MCUs.
Supports JTAG interface for STR7/SWD STM32 MCUs and STR9.
Functionality and Performance:

Programming capabilities include Flash ROM, EEPROM, etc.
Simulation capabilities allow for full-speed running, stepping, breakpoints, variable data observation, etc.
USB 2.0 interface for fast programming and debugging.
Limitations: It does not support tracing for ARM-based devices like STR9. Tracing tools are available separately in Professional and Advanced Developer Kits.

USB Interface and Upgradeability: Utilizes USB high-speed communication for connectivity. Firmware is upgradeable for future compatibility with new models.

Package Contents: Includes STX RLINK, USB type B cable, SWIM cable, ICC/4-pin adapter, JTAG adapter, and SWD 20-pin JTAG adapter. Software CD is not included.

Overall, STX RLINK offers comprehensive development and debugging capabilities for ST series MCUs, with support for various software tools and interfaces.

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