STLINK V3PWR 2 In1 Stand Alone Debugger Probe

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STLINK-V3PWR board photo
STLINK-V3PWR is a two-in-one standalone debugger probe and a source measurement unit (SMU) designed to synchronize code execution with a power consumption of STM32 applications in real time. This tool is specifically adapted for power consumption optimization (patent pending).
STLINK-V3PWR can be used as a standalone source measurement unit to supply power and measure the current consumption of the target application. The product keeps the output voltage constant during fast current transient from very low current to high current.
STLINK-V3PWR is also a standalone debugging and programming probe for STM32 microcontrollers. The product embeds a multi-path bridge interface with an integrated level shifter to adapt to the target application I/Os voltage.
STLINK-V3PWR USB Type-C® connector allows data communication with the host PC and sinks up to 5 V/3 A to supply both the probe and the target application, via the SMU and the auxiliary output.
All features
1‑Quadrant source measurement unit with high resolution, and measurement flexibility:
Programmable voltage source from 1.6 to 3.6 V
Output current rating 500 mA with over-current protection (OCP) at 550 mA
Programmable sampling rate from 1 SPS to 100 kSPS
Dynamic measurement:100 nA to 550 mA current / 160 nW to 1.65 W power measurements50 kHz bandwidth / 1.6 MHz acquisition / 2% accuracyCompatible with EEMBC® ULPMark™ tests
Auxiliary output voltage source from 1.6 to 3.6 V under up to 2 A (no current measurement, OCP at 2.5 A)
Debugging of embedded applications:
JTAG / Serial Wire Debug (SWD):SWD (Serial Wire Debug) and SWV (Serial Wire Viewer) communication support up to 10 MHzJTAG communication support up to 20 MHz
UART interface on Virtual COM port (VCP) with frequency up to 12 MHz
Multi-path bridge USB to SPI/I2C/CAN/GPIOs
Integrated level shifter I/O voltage 1.6 to 3.6V adaptable
Four bi-color LEDs providing probe state
Three STDC14 to MIPI10 / STDC14 / MIPI20 flat cables with 1.27 mm pitch connectors
Four cables (two male/male and two male/female)
USB Type-C® connector:
Powered through USB Type-C® (5 V/3 A maximum)
USB 2.0 high‑speed interface
Probe firmware update through USB
Direct support from STM32CubeMonitor-Power software tool

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