SP20X SFLY High Speed Programmer

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SP20 series (SP20B/SP20F/ SP20X/SP20P) programmers are the latest highspeed mass production programmers for SPI FLASH launched by Shenzhen SFLY Technology. It fully supports the high-speed programming of SPI NOR / NAND FLASH, I2C / MicroWire and other EEPROMs from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Hardware features

USB TYPE-C communication interface, no need for external power supply when used in USB mode;
Support USB and standalone mode high-speed mass production programming;
The built-in large-capacity memory chip saves the engineering data for standalone programming, and multiple CRC  data verification ensures that the programming data is absolutely accurate;
Replaceable 28-pin ZIF socket, which can be supported by conventional universal programming bases;
RGB three-color LED indicates the working status, and the buzzer can prompt the success and failure of the programming;
Support poor pin contact detection, effectively improve programming reliability;
Support ISP mode programming, which can support on-board programming of some chips;
Multiple programming startup methods: button startup, chip placement (intelligent detection chip placement and removal, automatic startup programming), ATE control (independent ATE control interface, providing accurate and reliable programming machine control signals such as BUSY, OK, NG, START, extensively support automatic programming equipment of various manufacturers);
Short circuit / over current protection function can effectively protect the programmer or chip from accidental damage;
Programmable voltage design, adjustable range from 1.7V to 5.0V, can support 1.8V/2.5V/3V/3.3V/5V chips;
Provide equipment self-check function;

  • Small size (size: 108x76x21mm), simultaneous programming of multiple machines only takes up a very small work surface;

Software features

Support Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11;
Support software upgrade to add new devices;
Support project file management (project file saves all programming parameters, including: chip model, data file, programming settings, etc.);
Supports project file lock and read-only attributes to prevent operators from setting programming parameters by mistake;
Support multi-computer connection: one computer can be connected with 8 SP20 series programmers for simultaneous programming;
Support the reading and writing of additional storage area (OTP area) and configuration area (status register, etc.) of the chip;
Support some SFDP content reading of SPI FLASH;
Automatic serial number function (can be used to generate product unique serial number, MAC address, Bluetooth ID, etc., support automatic increment and file mode);

Packing list

SP20X High-speed Programmer
C-Type Data Cable
ISP Cable
5V/1A Power Adapter
Instruction Manual

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