EV2400 EVM Interface Board

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The EV2400 EVM interface board enables an IBM-compatible or other type PC (with the required driver for its particular platform) to communicate with the Texas Instruments SM Bus and I2C interface gas gauges via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. In addition to this board, PC software is required to interpret the gas gauge data to complete the evaluation system.

EV2400 Controller
The EV2400 controller is an MSP430F5529 running at 4 MHz. The controller firmware is stored in flash memory and is executed by the core at power-up.The controller communicates with target device(s) through either: a 2-wire SM Bus communication port, a 2-wire EEPROM I2C port, or a single-wire HDQ port. The 2-wire SM Bus communication port supports both SM Bus and I2C protocols. CRC-8 checksum verification for the data packets prevents data corruption over the USB.

USB Interface (USB)
The interface board connects to a USB port (version 1.1 or later) on a host computer and is powered from the port. All communication over the USB is human Interface device (HID) class. Drivers are built into EV2300 EVM Interface Board Windows® and most of the operating systems.

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