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Omnia Repair Tool (ORT) JTAG Pro Edition is an advanced JTAG Programmer / Multi-brand JTAG tool, which lets you to work with the wide range of devices with the JTAG interface. The main intended purpose of the ORT JTAG Pro Edition is repairing / recovering dead boot of the devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, modems and other electronic devices, where you can get access to JTAG interface.

eMMC Booster Tool allows you to Read / Write (user area) of eMMC Chipsets.

eMMC Booster integrates a high-speed microprocessor and a high efficiency hardware engine for the best data transfer performance between USB and eMMC interfaces. Supports mobile phones in-system programming and provides required eMMC voltage.

Plug and Play hardware engine enables connectivity with outside “eMMC sockets” with 8-Bit full-speed of USB standards.

  • Device Repair:
  • Reprogram the chip
  • Replace damaged chipset
  • Fix boot failure
  • Analyze Data:
  • Read plain data for further investigation
  • Mobile phone forensic

eMMC Booster Tool – Features:

  1. Hardware
  • Secure Digital and Multimedia Card
  • Supports SD specification v1.0 / v1.1 / v2.0
  • Supports MMC specification v3.X / v4.X / v5.0 / v5.1
  1. Speed
  • Transfer speed 8-bit bus, up to 30 MB/s
  • Comply w/480Mbps USB spec. rev. 2.0
  • Operate @ 60 MHz clock
  • 12 pulses per programming cycle
  1. Support
  • ISP ( In-System Programming )
  • ICP ( In-Circuit Programming )
  • eMMC Connection with Socket ( Chip-off )
  • SD card Connection ( Direct SD )

Omnia Repair Tool Pro Edition allows to repair the following mobile phone problems:

  • Completely dead
  • Only red (LED) power on button is blinking, but the phone does not power on
  • Detected as MONOHANS device on PC
  • Hangs on OMNIA, INNOV 8 or Windows Mobile logo startup
  • Cannot be activated from wireless manager
  • Continuously restarting

Omnia Repair Tool Pro Edition – Software Features:

  • Read Memory
  • Execute Memory
  • Debugging
  • Multiple Brand Support
  • Repair Software Problems
  • Recover Boot Sequence
  • Empty Board Re-Programming
  • Memory Partition Recovery
  • Smart GUI (with Easy Mode / Professional Mode)
  • Smart Chain Detection

Omnia Repair Tool Pro Edition – Hardware Features:

  • Automatic detection of I/O Levels and VREF
  • Transfer speed via JTAG interface up to 1 MB/s
  • Comply with JTAG IEEE 1149.1
  • Adaptive Clocking Technology
  • ARM7TDMI ARM Thumb Processor
  • High-performance 32-bit RISC Architecture
  • High-density 16-bit Instruction Set
  • ARM9 / ARM11 / Xscale CPUs
  • Leader in MIPS / Watt
  • High-speed USB 2.0 transmission
  • 1.2V ~ 5V tolerant

ORT JTAG Pro Edition with eMMC Booster Tool – Package Contains: *

  • Omnia Repair Tool Pro Edition – 1 pc.
  • eMMC Booster Tool – 1 pc.
  • Flat cable – 2 pcs.
  • Soldering cables – 1 set
  • Roll wire – 1pc.
  • JTAG Socket – 1pc.

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