2K 4K eDP Screen Tester eDP signal universal testing instrument 74 Kinds test screen tools

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The disadvantage of this test indicates that some models cannot be tested when the resolution of this tester is above 3K. Ltn133yl02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 can not be tested normally, so only self-test line can be used. Other LCDs with resolution above 3K do not promise to test normally. The resolution below 3K is no problem.
1. This EDP tester has intelligent screen parameter configuration function, 6-bit screen uses 01, 8-bit screen uses 02. In general, the screen with 1920 * 1080 resolution and above uses 02, and the screen with 1920 * 1080 resolution and below uses 01. When you don’t know the resolution, you can try 02 first. In all EDP screens, about 10% of the screens can not match the intelligent screen parameters, so it is necessary to use the accurate screen parameter number.
2. For the configuration of accurate screen reference number, first search the LCD screen model to be tested in Google to determine the screen type and resolution. Then query the corresponding number. Each resolution is divided into 6-digit and 8-digit, with a total of 6 numbers. It is generally recommended to use 8-digit screen reference number first.
3 EDP screen is usually 30 pins with 0.5 spacing. The standard line of the screen tester can measure 80% EDP screen with 1920 * 1080 resolution and below, which is different from LVDS screen. The screen with 2K resolution or above and the screen line with standard configuration can not be tested normally needs to be made by hand, and the LCD screen needs to be provided at the same time. Generally, it is connected to ports a, C and D of the tester. When the screen is bright, but the screen is flashing or black, port B, C and D are used. If some manual lines do not have port C, only port B and D are needed. The standard line of EDP screen whose screen model starts with vvx can’t be applied, so it must be done manually again. Au screen containing b116htn, b133htn, b140htn and b156htn can be normally displayed with B, C and D. Qimei’s n133hse-ea3 / EB3 can be displayed normally only with B, C and D.
4. If a, C, D or B, C, D glass signal image display is normal but the backlight is not bright, it means that the screen does not have its own backlight boost module, and it needs to do the screen connecting line and external constant current board manually.

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