SVOD3 Programmer Ver 3 Universal Device Programmer

Item Code OMP-P024
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece


This is Activated Programmer,SVOD Programmer Ver 3 Universal Device Programmer is a universal programmer for various microcircuits.The firmware of the MIO KB9012, KB9016, KB930, ITE8586, ITE8580, ITE8585, ITE8587 and other new features in a compact, all modes of working with MIO are available in the basic package, No additional equipment is required. The case is made of high-quality plastic, with a convenient folding stand, similar to the type of testers.


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece


Model: SVOD3 Programmer Ver 3

HOW TO CONNECT : In the programmer, one communication module is connected, through which you can connect almost any laptop motherboard with a plume (12pcs in the kit) to the keyboard connector. A large online base of motherboards, allows you to save time on studying the circuit board mat. Just chose your motherboard fees in an online database, the software wrote in which connector to put a loop and what cable and all work. In the convenience of work, there is no equal.

APPLICATION AND TESTING : In the software there is a keyboard test For Example almost any laptop keyboard, you can check for efficiency using the SVOD Programmer Ver 3 Universal Device Programmer. The mode of displaying POST codes of the laptop motherboard is implemented. Choose the software in the online base of your motherboard, download, select it in the choice of motherboard, connect the motherboard with a loop to the keyboard connector, and read the post codes by running the software in read mode of POST codes. Automatic detection of “bad contact” when connecting chips. Pin test.


Port of connection to the computer: USB 2.0 high speed,

Connection of microcircuits: zif 48,

Number of input / output ports: 48,

Supply voltage: 3.3V / 1.8V.

SUPPORTED PROTOCOLS : SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, NAND, NOR, EMMC, JTAG, UART, CAN, Parallel synchronous and asynchronous protocols. (At the moment, work is not underway to add NAND, NOR, EMMC chips to software)

Additional Information

  • Item Code: OMP-P024

Additional information

Item Code


Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece


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