TTP226 8 WAY Touch Sensor module

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This Capacitive Touch Module uses the touch-sensing IC TTP226 to add capacitive touch to your project. Just power with 2.4 to 5.5VDC and touch the pad to activate the sensor. These touch switches interface easily to any project – with or without a microcontroller.

There are totally 8 pads on this module, these sense-pads can be extended with wire and almost any conductive material, so that you can add 8 touch switch easily for your project.


Working voltage: 2.4V-5.5V

Onboard TTP226 capacitive touch sensor IC 8 keys

8 board-level status indicator

Advanced Pins breakout, so that the output mode and working mode selectable.

Low power selection

PCB board size: 47 (mm) x 46 (mm)

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