Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier TEC1-12704 Module

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A Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) module is a semiconductor-based electronic component that functions as a small heat pump. By applying the DC power source to a TEC, heat will be transferred from one side of the module to the other. It creates a cold and hot side. Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) module is widely used in industrial areas, for example, computer CPU, CCDs, portable refrigerators, medical instruments, and so on.
The TEC1-12704 40x40mm Thermoelectric Cooler 4A Peltier Module is the simple application of Peltier Thermoelectric Effect. The module features 127 semiconductor couples in the area of 40mm x 40mm which very effectively cools and heats up to 70Ā°C.

Simple to install and operate.
Small module.
Solid state, vibration free, noise-free.
Easy transition between the hot side to the cool side and vice-versa just by reversing the polarity of supply.
Quality tested cooling cells.
Should use with a heat sink

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