Orange pi 2G IoT Board



ARM Cortex-A5 32bit Bluetooth, Support ubuntu linux and android mini PC Beyond Raspberry Pi 2UPC.

When it comes about the release of quality development boards, the Orange Pi boards seem dominating the Raspberry Pi. Each of the Orange Pi boards seems to give a tough time to the Raspberry Pi on One-on-One basis. The Orange Pi 2G-loTcan obviously be seen countering the Raspberry Pi Zero. The board features a Sim card slot along with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


(Cortex-A5) ARM 32-bit

Features a GC860 graphics processor (Independent)

Supports Open (VG1.4) and Open (GLES1.1/2.0)

Features an additional support especially for (GDI/DirectShow & DirectFB)

Configuration support of (250M) Pixels and (30M) Triangle(s)

Integrated (256MB) SDRAM (LPDDR2)

Onboard storage support for TF card (512MB integrated), 1.8V 4K SLC NAND Flash

Onboard Wi-Fi + BT (RDA5991)

One slot for SIM Card

(GSM/GPRS) Dedicated accelerators

(CSI) camera connector

(30) frames/second along with (Video) input support up to (1080pixels) resolution

5mm (Jack) and (MIC) support for audio input

Support (LED) video output

Supports SPEAK, FM, and (3.5mm) Jack for audio output

Supporting for both (Battery power supply) that is optional and (USB OTG) power supply (Good sign! Majority of the (Orange Pi boards) usually support only one power supply)

Raspberry Pi B+ Compatible through 40 Pin Header

Having compatibility with Android, Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian Image