Ulink2 USB JTAG Programmer & Debugger

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Ulink 2 USB JTAG Emulator ARM9 Cortex Ulink II GH2,ARM USB Compatible JTAG Adapter Debugger Keil Ulink-II,Ulink 2 does not need any specific drivers. It is automatically configured as a HID by Plug and Play in Windows. Latest Upgraded version of the ULink emulator , but also serial wire debug (SWD) support, Clock return support and features such as real-time agent. Conveniently carried out target hardware on-chip debugging (using on-chip JTAG, SWD, and OCDS), Flash Programming.

Standard Windows USB driver support Plug and Play ULINK2, Support for ARM Cortex-M3-based serial wire debug, Support the program to run during the read-write memory, terminal emulation and serial debug output, Support 10-pin cable (also supports 20-pin cable)

Breakpoints RAM: Unlimited ROM Breakpoints (ARM7 / 9): 2 max ROM Breakpoints (Cortex-M3): 6 max Execution breakpoints (Set While Executing): yes Access Breakpoints (ARM7 / 9): 2 max (R / W Only, With Value) Access Breakpoints (Cortex-M3): 4 max (With Value) Trace History: no Real-Time Agent: yes JTAG clock : <= 10MHz JTAG RTCK support (Return Clock): yes Memory R / W (Bytes / sec): 28K Flash R / W (Bytes / sec): 25K Single-Step (Fast) (Instructions / sec): 50 SUPPORTED DEVICES: Actel (ARM7/ARM9/Cortex Family) COREMP7, Cortex-M1 SPECIFICATIONS: Color: White Item size: 112*56*23mm Cable length: about 1.5m


1x Ulink2 emulator

1x 20pin flat cable

1x USB 2.0 Cable

1x Software CD

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