TQFP44-DIP44 Programmer Adapter for RT809H TNM7000 T56 programmer

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CHIP PROGRAMMER SOCKET TQFP44 TO DIP44 adapter socket support ATMEGA8 series
Best quality, QFP44 to 44Dip Adapter
Suitable for QFP44 IC
patch size : 0.8mm 10mm * 10mm
Support Atmel Atmega TQFP44 device
eg.mega328 mega8A mega48 mega8 mega88 mega16 mega162 mega168
Comes with AVRISP header, directly connect to AVRISP, USBASP, MkII, for direct burning of firmware or arduino bootloaders
Crysal header so that crystal can be replaced easily
Convert to DIP44 Atmega328 format, Pin to pin comptabile with Atmega DIP44 MCU format
Package included:
Programmer Adapter QFP44 to DIP44
Type A: Use for XELTEK USB Programmer – Overlapping
Type B: Use for RT809H TNM7000 Programmer – Pin to Pin

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