SOIC16 SOP16-DIP8 CLIP for RT809H RT809F TL866II T48 T56 EZP2019 TNM7000

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Multi-function SOIC16 SOP16 SOP8 To DIP8 CLIP is compatible with various programmer models: RT809H, RT809F, TL866CS, TL866A, TL866II, EZP2010, EZP2013, TNM5000, SoFi-SP8, and SoFi-SP16.

Cable Size: 40CM

Enables connection between SPI FLASH chips in SOP8 and SOP16 packages.

Many new notebooks and routers utilize the MX25L3205 chip, typically in SOP16 package.

While most programmers support MX25L3205 chip in SOP8 package, direct support for SOP16 package is lacking due to different pin configurations and adapter chips.

SOP8 and SOP16 chips have varying pin counts: SOP8 has 8 pins, SOP16 has 16 pins.

However, it’s possible to program SOP16 MX25L3205 chips using SOP8 MX25L3205 chips by aligning corresponding pins.

The process is straightforward as the pin definitions of SOP8 and SOP16 chips are identical.

Interchangeability between SOP8 and SOP16 chips is feasible as long as the pin connections are correctly aligned.

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