SOIC16 SOP16-DIP16 DuPont for RT809H RT809F TL866II T48 T56 EZP2019 TNM7000

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SOIC16 SOP16 To DIP16 CLIP for RT809H RT809F TL866CS TL866A TL866II EZP2010 EZP2013 TNM5000 SoFi-SP8 SoFi-SP16
Cable Size: 30CM
SPI FLASH chip SOP8 and SOP16 connection
A lot of new types of notebook and router is currently using 25 SPI memory chip, SOP16 chip package, such as MX25L3205 chip; although many programmers can support MX25L3205 chip, but it is the MX25L3205 chip supports SOP8 package, the MX25L3205 chip does not directly support the SOP16 package; and the adapter chip are not the same. One is 8 feet, one is 16 feet. So, is it possible to program SOP15 MX25L3205 chips in a simple way? In fact, the process is simple, because the 25 SPI chip SOP8 and SOP16 package chip, the definition of the corresponding foot is the same, as long as the corresponding SOP16 feet and SOP8 feet corresponding connection, the operating process can be used SOP8 MX25L3205 chip to operate on SOP16 MX25L3205 chip. (as long as 25 SPI chip models are identical, SOP8 and SOP16 chips can be used in this way)
25 SPI chip, SOP8 and SOP16 chip is interchangeable, as long as the chip pin corresponding to the line
Specifications for SOP8 packages and SOP16 packages:
SOP8 and SOP16 package, the foot spacing is the same, are 1.27, but the chip width is different. And chip definition of the corresponding pin is exactly the same, but the SOP16 chip packaging more than 8 feet NC empty feet (for future expansion as a basis), refer to the following figure, you can easily determine the SOP and SOP 25 SPI chip foot definition:
25 SPI SOP16 and SOP8 chip pins define the relationship:
The program can be programmed as long as the SOP16 pin is connected to the SOP8 adapter or directly to the programmer’s seat.
In addition, MX25L3205 also has a TSSOP14 chip, the foot corresponding to the following picture:

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