SN-ADP-VGA adpter for XGecu T56 Programmer support VGA interface HDMI-compatible

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Package includes:

  1. One piece of SN-ADP-VGA adapter.
  2. One piece of VGA adapter cable.

Please refrain from manually connecting adapters. The HDMI-compatible signal operates at a frequency of up to 900mb/s. Varying line lengths and line crossings may hinder normal functionality of the HDMI-compatible signal.

The VGA port on the PCB board is female.

Designed for serial printing and ISP online programming.

To facilitate serial printing and ISP online programming:

  • You can utilize a VGA to USB 3.0/USB 2.0 cable and a VGA to headset cable.
  • These cables can be purchased on the website or assembled according to the provided wiring diagram.
  • The software can automatically recognize various types of cables.

Important note: This adapter is compatible exclusively with the XGecu T56 programmer. Other programmers are not compatible with this adapter.

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