RT-BGA162-01 EMMC seat EMMC162 EMMC186 Adapter For RT809H Programmer

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Mobile phone special seat EMMC

Limit frame specification: 11.5*13mm

The “RT-BGA162-01 EMMC seat” you mentioned seems to be an adapter designed for use with the RT809H Programmer, which is a tool commonly used for programming various types of memory chips, including eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) chips.

This specific adapter, the RT-BGA162-01, is likely designed to accommodate eMMC chips with a BGA162 package type, which is a common package for eMMC chips. It allows you to connect the eMMC chip to the RT809H Programmer for tasks such as reading, writing, and testing the chip.

The adapter may support eMMC chips with different capacities and configurations, such as EMMC162 and EMMC186, indicating the specific configurations of eMMC chips it can handle. These numbers typically refer to the number of pins or other specifications of the eMMC chip package.

Overall, the RT-BGA162-01 EMMC seat adapter expands the capabilities of the RT809H Programmer, allowing it to work with a wider range of eMMC chips, which are commonly found in many electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.

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