QFP100-0.5-REV1 Adapter Spacing 0.5mm

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Specification and Dimension :
* Type : Test & Programming Socket ( with pcb )
* Package : QFP100 , TQFP100 , LQFP100
* Pin Pitch : 0.5 mm
* Pin Count : 100 pins
* Applicable IC body size : 14×14 mm
* IC tip-to-tip : 16×16 mm

Package Including :
* QFP100-0.5 adapter 1 pcs

It seems like you’re describing an adapter with the code “QFP100-0.5-REV1” and specifying its spacing as 0.5mm.

The term “QFP100” typically refers to a Quad Flat Package (QFP) with 100 pins. The “0.5” likely refers to the pitch or spacing between the pins, which is 0.5mm in this case. “REV1” could denote a revision number or version.

This adapter seems to be designed for connecting or interfacing with a QFP100 component with 0.5mm pin pitch. If you have any specific questions about this adapter or its application, feel free to ask!

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