QFN8 to DIP8 STAR-QFN8-5x6mm Programmer Adapter Sockets DFN8 MLF8 STAR-SON8

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QFN8 turn to DIP8 test seat Adapter Sockets
Pin spacing 1.27mm
The applicable chip size is 5*6MM

It seems like you’re asking about an adapter for converting a QFN8 (Quad Flat No-leads) package to a DIP8 (Dual In-line Package) format. This adapter, often referred to as a “programmer adapter socket,” facilitates programming or testing of integrated circuits (ICs) with different package types.

The QFN8 package has a flat surface with no leads, while the DIP8 package has leads extending from both sides. Adapters like the one you mentioned are commonly used in scenarios where a chip needs to be programmed or tested but the available programming or testing hardware only supports a different package type.

In this case, the “STAR-QFN8-5x6mm Programmer Adapter Socket” likely refers to an adapter designed specifically for QFN8 packages with dimensions of 5x6mm. Similarly, “DFN8” and “MLF8” are other package types that might require different adapters.

“STAR-SON8” appears to refer to another package type. SON8 stands for Small Outline No-leads, which is similar to QFN but typically has a different footprint and lead configuration.

If you’re working on a project involving these types of IC packages, it’s important to ensure compatibility between the adapter and the specific IC you’re using, considering factors like pin arrangement, dimensions, and electrical characteristics.

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