EMMC To Card/SD NAND TF/SD for T48 Programmer

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It seems like you’re describing a device or software that functions as an interface between eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) chips and SD (Secure Digital) cards. Here’s a breakdown of how to use it based on the information provided:

  1. Functionality Overview:
    • The device/software serves as an interface between eMMC chips and SD cards.
    • It detects any BGA (Ball Grid Array) adapter in the software.
    • It supports testing with a maximum speed of 17MB/s in 1-bit/second (1B/S) mode.
    • Some functions are still under debugging.
  2. Supported Functions:
    • Read and write to SD cards.
    • Read and write to TF (TransFlash) cards, which are commonly referred to as microSD cards.
    • Read and write to SD NAND flash cards with QFN8 packaging (8x6mm).
  3. How to Use:
    • When reading and writing SD/TF cards, select SD/TF_AUTO mode, which can operate in either 4-bit (4b) or 1-bit (1b) mode.
    • When reading and writing eMMC, you can select any eMMC chip.
  4. Operation Method:
    • The operation method for reading and writing eMMC chips is the same as for SD/TF cards.
  5. Software Package:
    • There should be a software package accompanying the device that facilitates these operations.

To use the device/software:

  • Connect the eMMC chip or SD/TF card to the device.
  • Select the appropriate mode (SD/TF_AUTO for SD/TF cards, any eMMC chip for eMMC).
  • Use the software package to perform read and write operations.

Make sure to follow any specific instructions provided in the software package or user manual for seamless operation.


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