WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 EX MB Flash

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It runs from 5V or 3.3V. Logic levels are 3.3V for all ports.

If you use the Arduino IDE, there are a lot of example sketches already provided. This makes life relatively easy to be able to do what you want.

The development board is based on the WiFi-SoC ESP8266 and is made for fast Internet-of-Things (IoT) prototyping.

It is flashed with the NodeMCU firmware and can be set up and programmed right away with the on-board microUSB connection.

With only few lines of code the NodeMCU Dev Kit is connected to your local network and ready to be controlled by other network members like computers and smartphones.


Operating Voltage: 3.3V

Digital I/O Pins: 11

Analog Input Pins: 1(Max input: 3.2V)

Clock Speed: 80MHz/160MHz

Flash: 4M bytes

a Micro USB connection

Compatible with Arduino

Compatible with nodemcu

Length: 34.2mm

Width: 25.6mm

Weight: 3g

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