ESP8266 Serial Wireless Module NodeMcu V3 Lua WIFI Internet

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Power your development in the fastest way combination with NodeMcu Firmware. Modern high level mature LUA based technology. It is an integrated unit with all available resources on board. Modern Internet development tools such as Node.js can take advantage the NodeMcu with the built-in API to put your idea on the fast track immediately. It is an integrated unit with all available resources on board. It is super simple to complement your existing Arduino projects or any development board that has I/O pins available. A great set of tools to develop ESP8266.

    NodeMCU is built based on the mature ESP8266 technology to take advantage the abundant resources available on the web. NodeMcu has ESP-12 based serial Wi-Fi integrated on board to provide GPIO,PWM,ADC,I2C and 1-WIRE resources at your finger tips, built-in USB-TTL serial with super reliable industrial strength CH340 for superior stability on all supported platforms. ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip designed for the needs of a new connected world. It offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi networking solution, allowing it to either host the application or to offload all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor. 

     ESP8266 has powerful on-board processing and storage capabilities that allow it to be integrated with the sensors and other application specific devices through its GPIOs with minimal development up-front and minimal loading during run-time. Its high degree of on-chip integration allows for minimal external circuitry, and the entire solution, including front-end module, is designed to occupy minimal PCB area.

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