T-V18 Test Tool for Panel Problems LED LCD Screen Tester

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Warm tip: 

1.Please kindly note that there is Engilsh manual,so no need to worry about how to use it.If you need any help,please feel free to contact us.
2.Don’t try to disassemble or open it . After display show ”88”, it will be automatically locked, can not be used and we can’t change it for you.
3.Powered by 12V 4A adapter
1.Built-in 55 programes, 12 test pictures
2.Support to 7”- 84” panel
3.Resolutions: support up to 1920×1200
4.Short circuit protection.
Product highlights: 
1.More convenient, durable, efficient and practical
2. Support New 3V 5V 12V LED LCD screen backlight , LVDS interface
3. Support 55 kinds of programs, 12 test pictures
4. Support for 7-84 inches LCD and LED Screen
5. Support HD 1920 * 1200
6. Screen tester and inverter tester
7. Short circuit protection
Package includes:
– 1x panel Tester
– 6x Lvds cables
– 1x 1/2/4 Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter
How to set up Tester to test LCD Screen:
LCD screen test support standard, high-definition full-resolution LVDS signal, built-in 12 test screen, convenient and practical.
Screen switching: can switch cycle test tool built-in 12 kinds of test screen
Quality switch: according to the actual display screen effect, switch to the appropriate quality
Automatic switching: 12 kinds of test screen automatically cycle display
VGA input interface: insert the computer VGA signal, that is displayed on the LCD screen, the tester without any switch
VGA output interface: the tester can be 12 kinds of internal test screen signal through the VGA cable to another display,
to determine whether the display does not light, the equivalent of a VGA signal source.
To use this tool, you need to know screen voltage ,the resolution of the LCD/LED screen and the bit number of the LVDS cable for the panel, then check them against the list of screen parameter on the panel to find the right parameter and input it with the ”+” key and ”-” key on the panel digital tude.
Detailed information about the LVDS cables: (not included 14 pcs LVDS/FPC),included 6x Lvds cables
FIX-30Pin-S8 (power on left) bit
FIX-30Pin-S8 (power on right) bit
FIX-30Pin-D6 (power on left) bit
FIX-30Pin-D8 (power on left) bit
FIX-51Pin-D8 (power on left) bit (Most universal LVDS cable for 32”-65” screen)
FIX-51Pin-D8 (power on right) bit (Most universal LVDS cable for 32”-65” screen)
FIX-30Pin-D8 (power on left) bit (for 17”-42” screen)
FIX-30Pin-D8 (power on right) bit (for 17”-42” screen)
FPC-LVDS-30Pin-S8 (power on left) bit
FPC-LVDS-30Pin-S8 (power on right) bit
LP-40Pin-D6(LED laptop HD)
LP-40Pin-S6?LED laptop SD)
Totally 14 pcs LVDS/FPC cables for 12”-65” laptop/TV screen

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