T-80S Laptop TV/LCD/LED Test Tool LCD Panel Tester

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T-80S┬áLaptop TV/LCD/LED Test Tool LCD Panel Tester Support 7- 84″ w/ LVDS Interface Cables Inverter +14 pcs

Screen Line

1. The six generation of tester to increase external control platelet function, control of small plate integrated power supply and the clip keys, the user can move or fixed to a comfortable position, which has greatly work or of the large screen for a long time test users

2. The six generation of tester to support the resolution 55 an LVDS signal output, built-in 12 kinds of LCD test pattern, convenient and practical3. When using, need according to the resolution of the LCD screen and screen line number, control panel list, press add and subtract in the digital tube, choose choose appropriate numerical and good connection screen and backlight line, press power key to power on,4. Test the replacement LCD screen, only need to press power key to power off, not pull the power adapter5. The clip button: recycled switch tester is built-in 12 kinds of test images6. Quality switch button: can be according to the actual picture display, to switch to the appropriate quality7. Switch button: 12, according to the test image automatic cycle at this time, the digital tube display 3 seconds “FF”8. VGA input interface: insert the computer VGA signal, can be displayed on the LCD screen, the tester does not need any switch9. VGA output interface: 12 test picture signals inside can turn tester, through VGA line received display shown above, the other one is used to determine whether the show, the equivalent of a VGA signal source, user maintenance very easy10. Tester has the screen line power supply short circuit protection alarm function, in order to prevent damage of tester, digital tube will display flashing screen line power supply when short circuit “00”, buzzer alarm, after waiting for users to troubleshoot returned to normal.

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