GPS Antenna with Wire

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This is a GPS Active Antenna which can make you received the GPS form indoor. Its cable is 3m. It can be used with our GPS Shield to make the GPS Shield can be used in the home or somewhere don’t have GPS signal.


Mounting Type: Magnetic base

Connector: SMA

Cable: 3 meters

Housing: Black

Frequency Temperature Coefficient: 0±10(ppm/°C)

Center Frequency: 1575.42MHz±1.1MHz

Working Temperature: -35°C~+85°C

Band Width: ?10 MHz

V.S.W.R: ?1.5

Axial Ratio: 3.0dB

Polarization: Right-Handed Circular

Impedance: 50?


3 Meters GPS Antenna

Active Gain for better signal

Built-in Powerful Low Noise Amplifier

Magnetic Base