Power Distribution Board

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    Power Distribution Board are often an overlooked area of multi rotor drone building, mainly because they are fairly simple but despite this they are a crucial part of your drone and if you don't choose the right one you could end up losing your drone. A Power Distribution Board distributes the power on your drone, and provides a neat and tidy way of connecting your battery to all of outgoing terminals on board. A power distribution board has positive pads/terminals which are all connected and negative terminals/pads which are all connected. This way when solder all of the red wire from outgoing terminals and battery to the positive pads on the power distribution board, and the black wires to all the negative pads, they will all become connected so your battery can provide power to all of outgoing terminal.
Outer dimensions: 50x50mm
Outer mounting holes: 46x46mm
Inner mounting holes: 36x36mm

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