GPS Receiver PA6E-CAM with Antenna GPS

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    The PA6E-CAM module, which utilizes the MediaTek new generation GNSS Chipset MT3333, has the highest level of sensitivity (-165 dBm) and Time-to-First Fix (TTFF) by precise GNSS signal processing. It supports both GPS and GLONASS simultaneously positioning system. Benefiting by the GLONASS, It gives the most possible to work in a more precise positioning and better TTFF even under poor GPS signals. It support up to 210 PRN channels with 99 search channels and 33 simultaneous tracking channels. Up to 12 multi-tone active interference canceller (ISSCC 2011 award), customer can have more flexibility in system design. The PA6E-CAM has a built-in GLONASS and GPS band patch antenna, which simplifies customer’s integration of GNSS positioning system.


1.       PLB
2.       M2M application
3.       Asset management
4.       Surveillance
5.       Handheld Device
Highlights and Features


1.       33 tracking/ 99 acquisition-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver
2.       Supports QZSS, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN*) ranging
3.       Ultra-High Sensitivity: -165dBm
4.       High Update Rate: up to 10 Hz
5.       12 multi-tone active interference canceller
6.       High accuracy 1-PPS timing support for Timing Applications (±10ns RMS jitter)
7.       AGPS Support for Fast TTFF (EPO in flash™ Enable 7 days/14 days)
8.       EASY: Self-Generated Orbit Prediction for instant positioning fix
9.       Always Locate Intelligent Algorithm (Advance Power Periodic Mode) for power saving
10.   LOCUS (Embedded Logger Function)
11.   Gtop Firmware Customization Services
12.   GPS+GLONASS Consumption current (@3.3V):
       Acquisition for GPS+GLONASS: 34mA Typical

       Tracking for GPS+GLONASS: 29mA Typical    

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