REX3SP-Zigbee module

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  Model Name : REX3SP 
  Company Name:- REXENSE
  Size : 31.60*20.70*3.90mm
  High RX sensitivity : -104dBm
  Outperforming link budget : 127dB
  Wide Communication Distance : 2000m ( visual range )
  Output power : 23dBm
  Very low power consumption
          Sleep mode : <2.0µA
          RX mode : 29mA
         TX mode : 170mA@20dBm; 230mA@23dBm
  Ample memory resources :
          EM351/EM357 : 128K/192K bytes Flash; 12K bytes RAM
  Wide range of interfaces ( both analog and digital ):
          24 spare GPIO, 4 spare IRQ lines
          6 x 14 bit ADC lines
          1 x USART
          1 x TWI
          1 x SPI/I2C
          Capability to write own MAC address into the Flash
          Optional antenna reference designs
          IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transceiver
          2.4 GHz ISM band
          Custom embedded software, including serial bootloader and AT command set
  Building automation & monitoring
          Lighting controls
          Wireless smoke and CO detectors
          Structural integrity monitoring
  HV/AC monitoring & control
  Inventory management
  Environmental monitoring
  Water metering
  Industrial monitoring
          Machinery condition and performance monitoring
          Monitoring of plant system parameters such as temperature; pressure, flow, tank level, humidity, vibration,etc.
  Automated meter reading(AMR)
  Small physical footprint and low profile for optimum fit in even the smallest of devices
  Best-in-class RF link range
  Extended battery life
  4 PCB board, good ESD/EMC protection ability
  Ample memory for user software application
  Mesh networking capability
  Easy-to-use low cost Evaluation Kit
  ISM Worldwide license-free operation 
  FCC certified : FCC ID : O46RY12M02

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