RT809F Programmer 8 Adapters SOP 8 IC Clip Motherboard LCD Reader

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1. Read and write 8 pin and 16 pins chips those commonly used on computer motherboard, laptop, LCD, routers and home appliances.2. Read and write memory SPD DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 Free demolition chip, especially support 34C02 and other special part numbers.3. Support laptop 8 pin and 14 pin password chip and battery chip (especially 24RF08/6480AR/BR9080/9016 special part numbers. 4. Support all series of 24, IIC EEPROM Memory. Besides, it can automatically identify chip model from 24C01 to 24C16, Automatic identify write protection level of the 24 series' 7th pin. 5. Support all series of 25 and 26 SPI FLASH Memory, support identify the chips part number automatically, the capacity is up to 256Mbit. 6. Read M25P16V-SOP16.

1. Supports computer motherboards, laptop, LCD, routers, appliances commonly used 8 feet, 16 feet of the BIOS chip to read and write.2. Supported DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 SPD memory chip reader for demolition, in particular support for 34C02 and other special models, adapter seat separately.3. Supporting notebook 8 feet, 14 feet password chip and battery chip (especially 24RF08/ 6480AR/ BR9080/ 9016 other special models).4. Supports 24 full range IIC bus EEPROM memory, which can automatically identify 24C01-24C16 chip model.5. Supporting a full range of SPI bus 25, 26 FLASH memory, supports automatic identification chip model, capacity up to 256Mbit.6. Supporting 93 full range Micro Wire bus memory. 7. Exclusive support RTD2120 chip dual-BANK online read and writes functions! BANK0 contains the firmware resides and where the brand's menu BANK1 district, just six seconds to read dual BANK. Support RTD2122 chip three BANK online read and write capabilities.8. Supports LCD monitors and LCD TVs DDC-EDID data read and write online, easy to solve EDID data-related issues.9. Support laptop screen EDID data read and write online, zero-cost solution DELL, SONY and other notebook pick screen issue, screen wire separately.10. Support Leroy, Ding Branch, Rainbow Star, Triumph, Kang Yue, Wang Jie and other generic driver board, through the VGA port for demolition components can be carried out on the driver board MCU writing brush. Burning software for the Chinese version of the WINDOWS interface, make debugging, the programming process at a glance; burning software to increase the chip repair function, damage to the board as long as the brush program successful repair, you can normally use, eliminating rework troubles.
1*RT809F Programmer
1*USB Cable
1*VAG Cable
1*SOP Simple socket
1*SOIC8-DIP8 ZIF adapter (200~208mil)
1*SOP8 -DIP8 adaptor(~150 mil)
1*SOP16/SOP8-DIP8 simple adapter
1*ICSP interface board
1*KB9012 simple PCB board
1*IC clip

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