SoFi SP8 A EEPOROM Serial EEPROM / Flash Pro Programmer

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1. USB2.0 communication interfaces (real USB interfaces, not USB to serial ports or simulated USB ports)
2. Exquisite shells customized with opening moulds (cannot be caught by public-mould shells on the market), small (size: 103x71x23mm), and convenient to use and carry
3. SP8 Fully supports WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win10, and perfectly combines 32-/64-bit systems
4. Has built-in 32-bit high-speed processors, designed specially for serial memories, achieving high-speed and appropriate programming, and has the highest programming speed
5. Supports nearly all 93/24/25/BR90 memories, and supports more chips through software upgrade.
6. Unique ISP download ports and 10PIN color ISP download cable. On-board patch chips (such as main-board BIOS with SPI interface) can be directly connected to be programming.
7. Standard 40Pin locking beds with zero insertion force, applicable to wide/narrow chips and general adapters
8. Supports contact detection for pins, and improve reliability of programming
9. Perfect over-current and ESD protections and protection against accidental damages of programmers and computer USB ports
10. With mass production programming, it automatically detects the position of chips and then starts programming
11. Supports mass asynchronous programming via connecting several programmers to one computer. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency
12. You can choose offline programming: built-in 128Mbit data memories achieve different kinds of field programming without connection to a computer, and LED and buzzer present auditory signals of success or failure
13. It operates easy and you can perform mass programming
14. Supports low-voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips
15. Provides self-detection for devices

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