TL866A USB Minipro Programmer EEPROM FLASH 8051 AVR MCU GAL

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TL866A Minipro USB universal EPROM programmer with ICSP port 

DESCRIPTION: The programmer comes with a USB interface With adapter, it can support wide range devices commonly used It comes with a 40 pin ZIF socket The software works with Win 2K, Win  X p, Win Vista, and Win 7 x The software supports English languages The In-Circuit-Serial-Programming supported on this TL866A model  
  • EPROM/EEPROM 27 28 29 37 39 49 50 series
  • Serial EEPROM 24 25 35 45 85 93 95 series
  • Common MCU chip supporting, such as AVR, Microchip MCU chips
  • Some GAL logic array chips
  • SRAM Test It can support common 24 61 62 DS12 series SRAM test, respectively data line testing, the address line testing, memory cell incremental testing and unit testing
  • CMOS/TTL test


One ICSP in circuit programming cable

Software CD with Minipro software

One True-USB TL866A Minipro Programmer

One USB Cable

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